I enjoyed your performance because, I felt I could relate because it looked so real. Also because it got us out of class. No but seriously it was very important that you did this.
I come from a very musical/theatrical family, so I understand the pressures of memorizing a monologue. Dinorah-you learned that whole thing in 2 days? Good for you girl. All of you are extremely talented and you should definately audition in the future. I just wish my family was here to see your performance! They could have hooked you up. Denorah, do you sing?  You probably heard this before,  but you sound exactly like J Lo!
So I expect that you probably sing as well. You all were great and it really touched me. Thank you all so much, take my advice and keep up with the amazing work.   MR
I liked the lights and music to start and end the play because the set the mood of the play. But if the smoke came out it would have been even better.
I thought the play was really good. To me, it was very touching and to the heart. If I was to rate the play I would give it an 8.5 out of 10.
"Between The Seams" was enjoyable, touching, true in mny aspects. I really enjoyed watching and listening to the play. The situations in the play can truly happen, and it helped me learn more.
Cookie did an excellent job being that she just learned her lines four days ago. And her scene seemed a bit poetic.
Juan Carlos did a great job as well and I really enjoyed listening.,
Dream Mom was good and I kind of got the message to not let go of what you have because it may never return.
I thought this play taught a very valuable lesson, and the actors and actresses were excellent. I think they did a great job in performing this play and should show this to many schools so more teenagers can learn about this terrible disease. I really enjoyed the play and everyone I talked to also enjoyed this. Thank you
To Cookie and Juan Carlos Rivera and Juliska you 3 did a good job at the play and you should keep doin what you do.
I thought the play was good, but at some parts it was boring.
To Carlos;
I really don't have much to say except, I think you are Kool.
P.S. I loved the shirt with the Puerto Rican flag , Yeah!
To the cast of "Between The Seams," I thought the play and the acting itself was great. It was nice to see how people with AIDS really felt and what they had to say about it. I would like seeing this again someday, and I thought that it was also inspiring.
Carlos Lopez:
I really enjoyed your part in the play "Between The Seams" You brought your character Juan Carlos Rivera to life, and did a great job telling the story. I learned how the carelessness of a person, whether it be a mother, father, sister, brother, friend, girlfriend or boyfriend can affect others lives. With your character the mother was the one to blame for you getting AIDS. You did a great job. Congratulations.
I  liked the way you played the way each of you died. You made it like it was real.and you made it look so scary in a way because I have never really seen what happens to a person when they do drugs.
Cookie, you were an amazing actress and your play really helped me learn about HIV and AIDS. Thank you for coming to our school.
To all the actors:
I thank you all for coming and giving us a message about AIDS. It was a good play and had a strong message.
iI  like what you all did in the play. Everyone knew their lines really well and acted it out nicely,.
iI thought it was a really good play especially our age in thie point of life because we never know what might happen to us and it was also a good thing we learned about this AIDS/ HIV because we all don't want to get this disease.
Dear Dan Gallagher:
I would like to thank you for bringing your play "Between the Seams" to ALMS. I think the play showed everyone a new way to look at AIDS. I think the scene with Cookie Jones was the most moving because of the personality looking back from the mirror. It shows how no matter how bad your life gets, the real you will always look back at you.
Dear Actors and Actresses:
i want to thank you greatly for coming to our school and allowing us to see your show each of you did a superior job in your roles and the work that you guys put into making the show must have been extrordinary. Once again, thank you very much for coming.
I thought it was really great that you got off the stage. Many plays talk to the audience but they are talking to an audience in their mind. you talk directly to us. The play was amazing. Thank you for coming.
I really liked the play but it could have had more people in the play.
Carlos you are very funny. Cookie I love the way you were talking about sparky the bird. You all were great. Hope to watch your play again.
What I liked about this performance was the sensation of emotions shown about having AIDS and other problems
I think many people could relate to the emotions.