Requests have come in from Pennsylvania, South Carolina, North Carolina, California, Colorado,
Missouri, 2 from Oregon,  Florida, Tennessee and 2 from Oklahoma including Oklahoma City Red
Cross, and 1 request from South Africa. All were sent copies of  our script.
If you are interested in receiving the script please email Dan Gallagher. We will be happy to send
you the script and offer technical assistance.
BTS is currently in the process of planning a number of workshops
around the US in an effort to expand and further develop the property. The
workshop process is to be a closed process and participating venues will
not be announced until the process is completed. We will be entering a
two year process as of the Fall and Winter season of 2013. We hope to
emerge from this process with a plan for a new production in 2015.

There are no current productions available for booking at this time.

Sussex County Commuinty College in New Jersey and Luzerne County
Community College in Pennsylvania were a tremendous success. We worked in
a TV studio in PA and the show was videotaped. Thanks to The United Way and
Wyoming Valley AIDS group who financed our hotel rooms in Willkes Barre, PA.
Check out some

Davi Santos filmed a guest spot on a new Sit-com for ABC TV called Apartment
23.  He just finished playing Salome in an all male cast  of Oscar Wildes play by
the same name in NYC.

Of the 17 interns BTS has had, Craig Maguire voted best intern.
Chris Shakespeare made another generous donation to BTS, Chris has
been a constant supporter for many years.
See actor Davi Santos' On My Way site below
See actress Gretchen Poulos'site below.
On December 1, 2011, World AIDS Day, we began our ninth year.
Check out our story in POZ magazine-
Go to the September 2009 issue and click on CURTAINS UP.

AIDS Theater Project New York, Inc. A non profit 501 (c) (3) company has been
traveling to schools, colleges and organizations since 2003, over 15,000 young
people have seen BTS.
The characters come out of the AIDS Quilt and talk about how they got in there.

We present a full theatrical production of two or more characters from the play
with professional actors, lighting, scenery, costumes and special effects. This
is HIV/AIDS Prevention at its best. By putting a face on the AIDS pandemic the
audience members see parts of themselves on stage and it brings the
message to them.  We also offer the script free of charge to organizations
around the world so that the message of "Between the Seams" can be in the
hearts and minds of as many people as possible.  We offer technical
assistance to anyone who decides to produce BTS.
Copyright 2013 AIDS Theater Project New York, Inc.
Actors, stage managers, crew, drivers and staff of BTS are paid on a comparable Off Broadway scale.
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Special thanks to:
The Dyson Foundation
The Louis R. Capelli Foundation
and Until There's a Cure
Billy and Sheila Killoran
Chris Shakespeare
for their support of "BETWEEN THE SEAMS"
A magical story.. of fabric...and thread...and love!